Design Options

When making an investment in your personal space, utilizing the knowledge, guidance and experience of an interior designer can help alleviate many of the stresses involved in a renovation. All projects are unique, which is why Matt Keane Design offers the following personalized design options.

For all services below, after an initial pre-meeting to determine your needs, we will set a date and time to meet and discuss your project in person.

Hourly – The hourly consultation service is designed to help clients find the right design direction for their space. This is ideal for clients who are looking to see what their design options are before making a commitment to a renovation or for the DIY’er who may need help planning a project and making selections. During a consultation topics discussed could include space planning, furniture, lighting, color palette, accessories, styling, home staging and industry and contractor questions. Often, this consultation helps many clients estimate how much a project would cost and where they should invest their money. This is billed at an hourly rate.

Flat rate – This design service is catered to clients who are looking to take what they currently have and incorporate new items and accessories to elevate and refresh their space. With this type of design project there are no structural, mechanical, or construction changes. This  design process allow clients to update a current space using paint,  new lighting,  a revised space plan, and a selection of accent furniture and accessories. Because of this, these smaller projects can be installed much quicker and pairs well with any budget. This is billed at a flat rate and is based on the size and scope of the project.

Full Design-  This option is for a complete design renovation package. In addition to design and styling recommendations, Matt  Keane Design will create a scaled space plan, lighting plan, source and select furniture and accessories, and include 3D renderings of the concept and design. Many clients choose this approach to order materials and manage their own project.  After the design is completed, Matt Keane Design can be contracted on an hourly basis to help assist with questions and concerns throughout the construction phase. In almost any project a variety of situations can occur that require innovative and creative solutions.  When this occurs it’s convenient to have a designer available to work with you and your contractor. This design process is billed as a flat rate design fee based on the size and scope of the project. Additional work and field visits are billed at an hourly rate. 

Contractor Selection-   If you are interested in turn-key design services we can discuss various options during the design process.

Materials – Purchasing- Since I work as an independent designer,  in many cases you are able to purchase materials directly from the source. This helps you track your budget and finances while I help guide you throughout the decision making process. Once a project goes under contract, I can utilize my industry relationships to help you find the right products. 

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