Taking the plunge

Choices, choices and even more choices! Is gray the new beige? Will it be out of style next year? What style is transitional? What is my style? How can I organize my kitchen to function better? These are questions you may be asking yourself as you start to think about designing a space in your home. Navigating the maze of products, styles and matching them to your personal taste and budget can be a huge undertaking and not to mention the amount of time it takes.  Furthermore, making a space work the way it should is even more important.  This is where a designer fits in. Surprisingly, using a designer is affordable and given the amount of money you are going to spend on a project it is money well spent and a better life lived when your project starts with a good plan and sense of direction.

First, more than anything, what is your budget? Now add a 20%. EVERY project has something. It’s not always costly and devastating, but when you open walls, floors or ceilings anything can be behind them. It’s an insurance policy for yourself and if you don’t have to use your contingency fund great, but if you do at least you have planned for it.

Secondly, know what works and what doesn’t work. Discussing your wants, needs and wish list requests helps a designer put together the best plan. Knowing what is most important, such as, solid surface counter tops versus laminate, custom cabinetry versus stock, new space configurations versus keeping the same footprint are very important details. All of these elements can sway the timeline and cost of your project. A good designer will help guide and educate you on what are the best options and what makes the most sense for your project.

Lastly, know that remodeling is a process. As much as we all wish it only took 30 minutes to remodel a space like it does on TV, real life works differently. Accommodations will need to be made and truthfully it will have equal exciting and challenging moments. However, in the end it is always worth it, especially when you are living the the home you spent so long dreaming about!